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Parking & Student Drop off

In an effort to better serve and protect our community there have been adjustments made to our drop off and parking practices. 

Student Drop Off

Students being dropped off in the morning before school may be dropped off on Northpark Boulevard, Mountain Avenue, or Hill Drive. Students proceed to pedestrian gates to enter campus.

Students may be dropped off in the front lot to enter through the front gate before school starts. Please be mindful of students crossing.

Students being dropped off late to school must enter through the front office single point of entry. 

Student Parking

Student parking is in the Mountain Avenue East Lot only. Starting August 19, 2019 all cars parked in the east lot will require a parking permit. 

The student lot gate will be locked during school hours, so students arriving late will need to park on the street and enter campus through the single point of entry in the office. 

Student lot gates will be open before school, five minutes before passing to period two, at the beginning and end of each lunch for seniors with off-campus lunch privileges, for seniors with a seventh-period Home class to exit at passing period, and after school. 

Student-athletes may move their permitted vehicles from the student lot to the staff lot after school.

Staff Parking

The Hill Drive West Lot is a permitted Staff only parking lot before and during school hours. There is no student or parent access with the exception of specific busses. Students may walk in through the pedestrian gate on the east end of the lot before school.

All cars parked in the lot must have a Staff parking decal by August 19, 2019. 

Students who park in the staff lot during the school day risk losing privileges.

Front Parking Lot

The lot in front of the school is reserved for Guest Parking and Handicap parking only. No staff or students are permitted to park there.

Again, students may be dropped off before school in this lot.

Staff/students who park in the front lot risk loss of privileges and towing. 

Students with Home periods are expected to arrive and leave campus in accordance with their class schedules and not loiter on campus. Again, gates will be locked during class time, so students with a home period arriving or leaving must do so at passing periods. 

Thank you for doing your part to help us keep our students safe on and around campus.