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Vision Statement - Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO's)

Our Vision:

Cajon High School is committed to creating a collaborative community of college and career-ready students who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, and confident, responsible global citizens.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s)

1. Students will be academically proficient.

1.1 Students are expected to meet or exceed state, district, program standards, or standards of the industry, in English, math, social studies, science, foreign language, physical education, technical education, and fine arts.

1.2 Students are expected to be critical thinkers who ask meaningful questions, evaluate assumptions, make inferences and predictions, and analyze information.

1.3. Students are expected to demonstrate competency in the current technological trends and select and use technology and internet practices ethically and appropriately.

1.4. Students are expected to establish personal, academic, and career goals and take measurable steps to achieve them.

2. Students will be effective communicators.

2.1. Students will be able to express ideas effectively, both orally and written, in a clear, concise manner that demonstrates appropriate organization, language, and purpose.

2.2. Students are expected to be able to read at or above grade level, think critically, listen actively and ask relevant questions in order to evaluate and assess information.

3. Students will be responsible citizens.

3.1. Students are expected to be productive, contributing members of their community.

3.2. Students are expected to manage interpersonal relationships in an appropriate manner in diverse settings including, but not limited to, established rules and codes.

3.3. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate habits of punctuality, participation, and personal responsibility.

3.4. Students are expected to approach learning with self-motivation, perseverance, and demonstrate adaptability and an inquisitive desire to improve.